Pray for Women Missionaries:
bringing the hope of Christ to women in South Asia

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

The women of South Asia are desperate. Baby girls are aborted; female infanticide is widespread; young girls are sold into the sex trade; widows are shamed and cast into the streets. This is the only world they know.

They need to hear that the Savior loves them and died for them. But culture often prohibits male missionaries from sharing the Good News with women. Who, then, will tell them?

More than 2,000 Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries are answering the call and giving their lives so hurting and abused women can know Christ.

Please pray for these brave women missionaries as they go out into a world that is hostile to them and their message.

Pray for Their Ministries

GFA-supported women missionaries reach out through prayer and house visitation and literature. Some take care of leprosy patients, others conduct open air meetings, and still others host literacy classes.

Pray the Lord will bless their ministry even more abundantly so His name will be glorified and all the women of South Asia can know His love.

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

Pray for More Women Missionaries

Ask the Lord to call more women to become women missionaries.

Ask Him to bring even more women into Bible colleges and to prepare them for the exact ministry He wants for them.

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

Pray for Those Who Will Hear

Ask the Lord to prepare women's hearts to hear the Good News.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide missionaries to women who are most ready to hear as He guided Benita and Esther.

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

Pray for Good Fellowship and Unity

In answering the Lord's call to go to Bible college and become missionaries, many women are shunned by their unbelieving families. They find their comfort in the Lord and with their sisters in Christ.

Pray for good fellowship and unity among these women who have already suffered greatly for the Gospel.

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

Pray for Protection

These women missionaries have realized their value in Christ, but the rest of their society hasn't.

Ask the Lord to give them physical protection as they minister in hostile villages like this one that may not respect their dignity.

Pray also that the Lord will protect them spiritually.

Pray for GFA Women Missionaries

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