You can be an advocate for the women of Asia. There are millions of women in India alone who are culturally oppressed simply because they were born as girls. With your help, we can raise awareness of their rejection, persecution, abandonment, tragedy and even triumph. Be a part of bringing hope to women in Asia by sharing about solutions that help break these horrific, ongoing problems.

With the resources included in this kit, you will be equipped to share about tangible ways your friends, church or small group can get involved through Veil of Tears. Be a catalyst in bringing the love of Christ to millions of desperate women and girls. Put your passion into action and Be Her Advocate!

Get a free copy of the is award-winning documentary.

Impact your small group or church by watching the stories of women who, although culturally oppressed, are finding hope through the love of Christ.

The kit includes:

  • “Veil of Tears” DVD specifically designed for a church or small group screening
  • A 30-minute countdown video to play while your congregation arrives for the movie night. This pre-roll features exclusive music video footage, clips and interviews with Natalie Grant and the filmmakers.
  • 10 Conversation Cards
  • Movie Posters

Special Features:

Several special features that will encourage your viewers. In “Behind the Veil of Tears,” as special feature on the DVD producers, the Saylors Brothers, and the film’s narrator, Grammy award-winning artist Natalie Grant, share their thoughts about the time they spent in India and especially the women they met. Their first-hand insights are well worth the watching.

Also included in the DVD are short video segments from those involved in the film, answering questions about life in Asia and how we can practically help these precious women. These are especially intended to encourage a group discussion that will help people digest what they have seen, as well as to better understand what they can do to help.

* The kit can only be mailed to US and Canada Addresses.

Get a free DVD copy of the "Veil of Tears" movie. Also, as part of this offer, you get movie posters and more—all at no cost to you.

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